IoT기반 지속가능한 건설관리 연구실 로고


IoT-based Sustainable Construction Management and Energy Lab.


  • ARC 3305Buildig Construction (건설견적관리)

    The course provides an investigation into the principle methods, tools and techniques used to develop building construction project estimates, with primary emphasis on estimate planning and organization, quantity takeoffs and pricing. It also includes a basic introduction to construction contracts, estimate types and factors associated with determining costs of constructing projects. A comprehensive group project will be required to develop the complete cost estimate for a hypothetical facility. In addition, this course introduces the general concept on life-cycle cost as well as life-cycle costing formula.

    ARC 4204Engineering Design (공학설계)

    Buildings are designed and engineered through collaboration between a group of many and various experts. In this course, students will learn the role of each expert group, the importance, problems, and solutions of collaboration in design and engineering practice by conducting engineering design projects. Students will also learn the state-of-art technologies for designing and engineering buildings and how to apply them to real projects.

    ARC 3306Building Construction (건축시공)

    This is an advanced level building construction course. "Fundamentals of Building Construction" is a prerequisite. The entire course is structured to help teams of students develop preliminary construction plans for unbuilt buildings or buildings buit in foreign countries through lectures, guest lectures, site visits, and literature survey. Students will be asked to invite a technical advisor who can help them develop high-quality construction plans. Several experts in charge of work tasks will be invited to provide high-the construction method on each work task with students.

    ARC 2202Project Management (건설사업관리)

    This course introduce concepts relating to the nature of the construction industry, construction contracts, legal, and management organization of construction companies, basics of the design and construction process, as well as an introduction to the role of estimating and project scheduling. Safety and concepts of construction management relationships will also be discussed.

  • ARC 9110Building Maintenance using Life Cycle Cost Analysis (건축유지관리특론)

    This course introduces the general concept regarding life-cycle cost as well as life cycle costing formula. The major purpose of this course is to familiarize the studnet with the use of the life-cycle cost analysis in construction. In addition, this course provide the student with not only the ability to predict the suitable maintenance timing for facility but also the skill to perform the economic analysis using the life-cycle cost analysis.

    ARC 9130Simulation Study on Construction Process (건설생산성특론)

    This course provides an investigation of quantitative methods used for the design and analysis of construction operations to maximize productivity and minimize resources idleness. The discussion on queuing theory, line of balance techiques, linear programming and simulation will be introduced.

    ARC 9111Engineering Economic Analysis (공학경제학)

    Course Description & Objectives

    • To provide an in-depth appreciation of the principles of engineering economic analysis and related concepts
    • To demonstrate how these principles and concepts apply to decision making about architectural & civil engineering projects and related architectural & civil engineering business issues
    • To provide students with a sound understanding of the principles, basic concepts, and methodology of assessing the time value of money
    • To help students develop proficiency in making rational comparison between alternatives using analytical methods