IoT기반 지속가능한 건설관리 연구실 로고


IoT-based Sustainable Construction Management and Energy Lab.


As climate change, environmental pollution and depletion of resources become one of the biggest global issues today, the world has put various efforts to achieve energy-savings and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction through sustainable development. Along with such global problems and issues, construction industry, which is responsible for one fourth of GHG emissions, is also facing the need and demand for changes in its technology, management skills and research area. Recently, there is a growing interest in convergence of various technologies such as wireless communication, sensor network, automation, and etc., which led to the emergence of Internet of things (IoT) in building sector, the inter-networking of various smart devices with buildings.

To cope with such global trend in resolving environmental issues, SUStainable COnstruction Management (SUSCOM) Laboratory in Department of Architectural Engineering of Yonsei University has been established in 2009. Moreover, to further extend the research area in accordance with recent research trends, SUSCOM Lab. has been renewed and changed its name to IoT-based SUSCOM (i-SUSCOM) Lab. in 2017. i-SUSCOM Lab., with Prof. Hong as a research director, focuses on the research area of sustainable construction techniques and construction management skills by integrating IoT techniques. These efforts aim to solve the problems related to climate change, environmental pollution and depletion of resources from the life cycle perspective of construction business with improved efficiency and minimum human intervention.

In order to meet both academic and practical research needs for IoT-based sustainable and systematic construction management, i-SUSCOM Lab. not only concentrates on profound investigations on economic, environmental, and social impacts imposed during the life cycle of the construction project but also develops decision support models and smart devices for an effective construction management using various innovative IoT techniques. This includes researches on scientific approach for a successful construction project based on life cycle cost (LCC) analysis, life cycle assessment (LCA), geographic information system (GIS), data-mining, optimization, simulation, and mathematical modeling. Innovative researches related to human-building interaction, GHG management, energy-saving technique, renewable energy, indoor air quality, energy policy, building energy consumption, and green remodeling are also one of our prime interests. Particularly, the most recent government R&D project, “Development of IoT-based Multi-Function Smart Window by Integrating Solar PV Blind and Active Ventilation System towards Zero Energy Building”, aims to develop and commercialize a smart product by integrating IoT techniques to generate electricity from solar energy and improve indoor air quality.

So far, i-SUSCOM Lab. has published over 230 international research articles in SCI, SSCI, and SCIE journals, and has contributed to the research field of sustainable construction management. Accordingly, our research team aims to be a leading research laboratory of IoT-based sustainable construction management, which can provide innovative and valuable green construction management technology and system worldwide. With our talented researchers and strong research background, we believe that i-SUSCOM lab. contribute to the development and success of the global construction industry.