Research Interests

·         Construction Engineering and Management: Project Management, Feasibility Analysis, Value Engineering, Decision Support Systems, Cost Estimation, Project Delivery Method, Integrated Delivery Process, Cost Management, Schedule Management, Productivity Management, Risk Management, Multi-Objective Optimization, Multi-Family Housing Complexes,

·         Ecological Engineering and Management: Energy Benchmarking, Building Energy Performance, Green Building, Green Building Rating System, Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle CO2, Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Human Health Impact Assessment, Renewable Energy, Sustainability.



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  2. Ji. C, Hong T, Jeong J, Kim J, Lee M, and Jeong K. Establishing environmental benchmarks to determine the environmental performance of elementary school buildings using LCA. Energy and Buildings 2016; 127: 818-829 (SCIE).

  3.    Jeong J, Hong T, Ji C, Kim J, Lee M, Jeong K. Development of an evaluation process for green and non-green buildings focused on energy performance of G-SEED and LEED. Building and Environment 2016; 105:172-184 (SCIE).

  4. Park H, Lee M, Kang H, Hong T, and Jeong J. Development of a New Energy Benchmark for Improving the Operational Rating System of Office Buildings Using Various Data-mining techniques. Applied Energy 2016; 173:225-237 (SCI)

  5. Kim J, Hong T, Jeong J, Lee M, Koo C, Lee M, Ji C, and Jeong J. An integrated multi-objective optimization model for determining the optimal solution in the solar thermal system. Energy 2016; 102: 416-426 (SCI).

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  3. Ji C, Hong, T, and Jeong J. Environmental Impact Assessment of Elementary School Buildings and Establishment of the Reference Target using Life Cycle Assessment Model. Journal of Korea Institute of Construction Engineering and Management 2015; 16(3): 49-58. (Excellent Paper Award)

  • Domestic conference or symposium proceedings
  1. Jeong J, An Corroborative Analysis of EVMS in Nongovernmental Construction Project. 2004 Fall Conference in Architectural Institute of Korea.
  2. Jeong J, Paek J. K. An Analysis of Investment propriety in Office building with Risk Management and DPL modeling. 2002 Spring Conference in Architectural Institute of Korea.
  • Other Publications

  1. Jeong J. Evaluation, Prediction and Improvement on the Performance of Green Building Policies using an Energy Benchmarking Process. Ph.D. dissertation, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea, 2016.

  2. Jeong J. A Study on Effective Delivery System for Large Discount Store Project. M.S Thesis, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea, 2003.
Patent Application
  • Apparatus and Method for Evaluation Energy Performance of Buildings for Energy Incentive Plan. (No. 102015-0169782), South Korea.
  • Apparatus and Method for Evaluating Energy Performance of Existing Buildings using Dynamic Energy Performance curve (No. 10-2015-0164648), South Korea.

Professional License

Scholarly and Professional Honors


Professional Experience


Project Experiences

1.      Research Assistant, Development of a Delivery Model for Improving the Delivery System of Korea National Housing Corporation, '01.4 ~ '02.1, Korea National Housing Corporation (LH Corp. at present), South Korea.

2.      Research Assistant, Development of CM at Risk Model (1st year), '02.4 ~ '03.2, Samsung Engineering & Construction, South Korea.

3.      Engineer, Kolon-Billant Building Construction, '03.3 ~ '04.2, Kolon C&C, South Korea.

4.      Engineer, Kolon E&C Research Institute Construction, '04.3 ~ '04.12, Kolon Engineering & Construction, South Korea.

5.      Manager, Business Strategy and Planning for Architectural Business Division, ’05.1~10.8, Kolon Engineering & Construction, South Korea.

6.      Manager, Sustainable Future Task Force, ’10.9~11.11, Kolon Engineering & Construction, South Korea.

7.      Project Engineer, G-Valley Biz Plaza Construction, '11.12 ~ '12.12, G-Valley Biz Plaza SPC, South Korea.

8.      Project Manager, Kolon Future Research Park, ’12.12~’15.01, Kolon Industries, Kolon Glotech, and Kolon Life Science, South Korea.

9.      The VE/LCC Analysis of the dormitory at Mokpo National Maritime University (BTL), '15.9 ~ '15.12, Ilgam Architecture., South Korea.

10.   Promoting Green Buildings based on Market Demand, '15.2 ~ '15.6, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, South Korea.

11.   Carbon-Integrated construction Management System in CITY as an organism (CIMSCITY 2.0), '15.2 ~ '15.6, Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, South Korea.