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  1. Park, H., Koo, C., Hong, T., Oh, J., and, Jeong, K. (2016) “A finite element model for estimating the techno-economic performance of the building-integrated photovoltaic blind” Applied Energy, 179, 211-227 (SCI)
  2. Ji. C., Hong, T., Jeong, J, Kim, J. Lee, M, and Jeong, K. (2016). “Establishing environmental benchmarks to determine the environmental performance of elementary school buildings using LCA” Energy and Building, 127, 818-829 (SCIE)
  3. Jeong, J., Hong, T., Ji, C., Kim, J., Lee, M., and Jeong, K. (2016). “Development of an evaluation process for green and non-green buildings focused on energy performance of G-SEED and LEED” Building and Environment, 105, 172-184 (SCIE)
  4. Hong, T., Kim, J., Chae, M., Park, J, Jeong, J., and Lee, M. (2016). "Sensitivity Analysis on the Impact Factors of the GSHP system considering Energy Generation and Environmental Impact using LCA." Sustainabilitiy, 8(4), 376 (SSCI & SCIE) - Invited Paper.  
  5. Park, H., Lee, M., Kang, H., Hong, T., and Jeong, J. (2016). "Development of a New Energy Benchmark for Improving the Operational Rating System of Office Buildings using Various Data-mining Techniques" Applied Energy, 173, 225- (SCI)
  6. Park, H., Jeong, K., Hong, T., Ban, C., Koo, C., and Kim, J. (2016). "The Optimal Photovoltaic System Implementation Strategy to Achieve the National Carbon Emissions Reduction Target in 2030: Focused on Educational Facilities" Energy and Building, 119, 101-110 (SCIE)
  7. Kim, J., Hong, T., Jeong, J., Koo, C., and Jeong, K. (2016). " An Optimization Model for Selecting the Optimal Green Systems by considering the Thermal Comfort and Energy Consumption." Applied Energy, 169, 682-695 (SCI)
  8. Lee, M., Hong, T., and Koo, C. (2016). "An Economic Impact Analysis of State Solar Incentives for Improving Financial Performance of Residential Solar Photovoltaic Systems in the United States." Renewable and Sustainable Energy Review, 58, 590-607 (SCI)
  9. Koo, C., Hong, T., Lee, M., and Kim, J. (2016). "An Integrated Multi-Objective Optimization Model for Determining the Optimal Solution in Implementing the Rooftop Photovoltaic System" Renewable and Sustainable Energy Review, 57, 822-837 (SCI)
  10. Jeong, J., Ji, C., Hong, T., and Park, H. (2016) “Model for Evaluating the Financial Viability of the BOT Project for Highway Service Areas in South Korea” Journal of Management in Engineering, 10.1061/(ASCE)ME.1943-5479.0000396, 04015036. (SCIE)
  11. Ji. C., and Hong, T. (2016) "Comparative analysis of methods for integrating various environmental impacts as a single index in life cycle assessment" Envvironmental Impact Assessment Review, 57, 123-133 (SSCI) 
  12. Ji, C., and Hong, T. (2016). "New Internet Search Volume-Based Weighting Method for Integrating Various Environmental Impacts." Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 56, 128-138 (SSCI)
  13. Park, H., Ji, C., and Hong, T. (2016) “Methodology for Assessing Human Health Impacts due to Pollutants Emitted from Building Materials” Building and Environment, 95, 133-144 (SCIE)


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