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  1. Ji., C., Hong, T., and Hyun, C. (2010). "CBR Revision Model for Improving the Cost Prediction Accuracy in the MultiFamily Housing Projects." Journal of Management in Engineering, 26(4), 229-236 (SCIE).
  2. Koo, C., Hong, T., Hyun, C., Park, S., and Seo, J. (2010). "A Study on Development of a Cost Model based on the Owner's Decision Making at the Early Stages of a Construction Project." International Journal of Strategic Property Management, 14(2), 121-137 (SSCI).
  3. Park, S., Hong, T., Koo, K., and Hyun, C. (2010). "Selection Model of Representative Items for Subcontractors’ Cost Index of Multi-Family Housing Projects." Journal of Civil Engineering and Management, 16(2), 278-286 (SCIE).
  4. Koo, C., Hong, T., Hyun, C., and Koo, K. (2010). "A CBR-based Hybrid Model for Predicting a Construction Duration and Cost Based on Project Characteristics in Multi-Family Housing Projects." Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, 37(5), 739-752 (SCI).
  5. Cho. K., Hong, T., and Hyun, C. (2010). “Integrated Schedule and Cost Model for repetitive construction process.” Journal of Management in Engineering, 26(2), 78-88 (SCIE).
  6. Cho, K., Hyun, C., Koo, K, and Hong, T. (2010). "Partnering Process Model for Public-Sector Fast-Track Design-Build Projects in Korea." Journal of Management in Engineering, 26(1), 19-29 (SCIE).


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