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International Journal Papers 2019 
Admin 2018/12/05
Graduate School 성슬기(석사입학예정) 
Admin 2018/12/03
Graduate School 염승근(석사입학예정) 
Admin 2018/12/03
Graduate School 홍주원(석사입학예정) 
Admin 2018/12/03
Graduate School 정승훈(석사입학예정) 
Admin 2018/12/03
Notification Excellent Paper Award in KICEM 2018 
Admin 2018/11/23
Domestic Conference Domestic conference or symposium proceedings(2018) 
Admin 2018/11/09
M.S (Graduate School) 오정윤(석사) 
Admin 2018/11/07
B.S Course 방세빈(학부연구생) 
Admin 2018/11/05
Current Research Projects Center for Intelligent Construction Automation (CICA) 
Admin 2018/10/26
Completed Research Projoects Development of Decision Supporting System for Optimal Green Remodeling toward Zero-energy Buildings 
Admin 2018/10/24
Ph.D Course 오민호(박사 1학기) 
Admin 2018/09/10
Ph.D (Graduate School) 이민현 (Dr. Minhyun Lee) 
Admin 2018/09/07
M.S (Graduate School) 임요셉(석사 1학기) 
Admin 2018/09/07
Post-Doctoral Fellow 이민현 (Dr. Minhyun Lee, 연구실장) 
Admin 2018/09/07
Research Professor 정광복 (Dr. Kwangbok Jeong) 
Admin 2018/09/07
Notification Graduation of researchers in i-SUSCOM Lab. 
Admin 2018/08/31
Notification Congraturation: Dr. Lee successfully finished the final defence of her doctoral disseration. 
Admin 2018/06/23
Notification Participation in International Conference on Sustainable Energy & Evironmental Protection(SEEP2018) 
Admin 2018/05/21
Ph.D (Graduate School) 정광복 (Dr. Kwangbok Jeong) 
Admin 2018/03/12
Notification Graduation of researchers in i-SUSCOM Lab. 
Admin 2018/02/27
Album 2017년 i-SUSCOM 연구실 송년회 및 사진촬영 
Admin 2018/01/08
Notification Excellent Researcher Award 2017 in i-SUSCOM Lab. 
Admin 2018/01/08
B.S Course 정우진(학부연구생) 
Admin 2017/11/23
M.S (Graduate School of Engineering) 김연정 (석사) 
Admin 2017/11/06
M.S (Graduate School of Engineering) 김성훈 (석사) 
Admin 2017/11/06
M.S (Graduate School of Engineering) 천혜림 (석사) 
Admin 2017/11/06
M.S (Graduate School of Engineering) 김현정 (석사) 
Admin 2017/11/06
Ph.D (Graduate School) 김지민 (Dr. Jimin Kim) 
Admin 2017/11/06
International Journal Papers 2018 
Admin 2017/10/07
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