Prof. Taehoon Hong, Prof. Choongwan Koo, Ph.D Changyoon Ji, Ph.D Jimin Kim, Kwangbok Jeong(Ph.D student), Myeongsoo Chae(M.S student) and Myeonghwi Lee(M.S student) in SUSCOM lab. have participated in “International Conference on Applied Energy (ICAE2016)” which was held in Beijing (China) on Oct. 08-11th, 2016. They exchanged a variety of information about research.

At this international conference, Prof. Hong was invited as session chair.

Research topics are presented as follows:

1.“Automatic calibration model of a building energy simulation using optimization algorithm.”

2.“Framework for the Analysis of the Potential of Ground Source Heat Pump System in Elementary School Facility.”

3.“Analysis of energy consumption and indoor temperature distributions in educational facility based on CFD-BES model.”