Prof. Taehoon Hong, Kwangbok Jeong(Ph.D student), Jimin Kim(Ph.D student), Minhyun Lee(Ph.D student), Cheolwoo Ban(M.S student) Jaemin Jeong(M.S student) and Jaeyong Oh(M.S student) in SUSCOM lab. have participated in “Applied Energy Symposium and Summit 2015” which was held in Fuzhou (China) on Nov. 15-17th, 2015. They exchanged a variety of information about research.
At this international conference, Prof. Hong was invited as session chair.

Research topics are presented as follows: 
1.“Framework For the Development of the Minimum CV(RMSE) using Energy Simulation and Optimization Tool.”

2.“A Preliminary Study on the 2-axis Hybrid Solar Tracking Method for Smart Photovoltaic blinds.”

3.“A Preliminary Study for Determining Photovoltaic Panel for a Smart Photovoltaic Blind Considering Usability and Constructability Issues.”

4.“Estimation of the Available Rooftop Area for Installing the Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System by Analyzing the Building Shadow Using Hillshade Analysis.”