1. Vist to OERLIKON

2. Visit to HILTI

Prof. Taehoon Hong, Choongwan Koo (Ph.D student) and Jimin Kim (graduate student) in SUSCOM Lab. have visited OERLIKON and HILTI, which are photovoltaic system companies in Swiss, on Oct. 7-9th, 2012. Through interviews with experts of solar energy technology from each company, the status of advanced technology was identified and discussion on how to apply the various techniques in national level was made.
OERLIKON, leading provider of solar systems, mainly focuses on development of thin film silicon technology, micromorph (tandem junction) in particular, to develop a low-cost, high efficiency solar systems are being developed.
In solar photovoltaic department of HILTI products system installation module and develops applicable module depending on rafters which is installed on the roof of a building and the thickness of the batten (pipe mounted vertically on the roof)